Learn to ski the easy way

With the short ski method

Parallel Skiing

Ski Course in English with the Short Ski Method


  • Thinking about learning to ski?
  • Expat in Munich?
  • Or German wanting to learn to ski and improve your English?
  • Looking for an English-speaking ski course?
  • Given up at learning to ski?


Parallel Skiing's adult beginner ski course is the answer. It takes place over the first 5 or 6 weekends of the new year, leaving from Munich and skiing in Austria. The ski course uses the Short Ski Method, which means in just three weekends adult beginners move from never having worn skis to being confident around the whole mountain.

With short skis you learn the parallel turn from the first day, and so you never need to unlearn the snow plough. The course is filled with fun exercises in small groups with your instructor.

At Parallel Skiing everything’s organized for you, transport, lodging, ski hire, ski passes, and lessons. Before your Ski course you must come to an InfoEve for bootfitting, then you just turn up and have fun on the ski course..

We also have preschooler courses in December and February which uses extremely short skis and uses the parents in the ski course. Bootfitting for the Bambinos is the last weekend before Christmas.

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What our students say...


During my first, epically bleak winter in Munich, I realised that I needed to do something to learn to love this icy season. I joined Parallel Skiing which took me from falling over on the flats to skiing confidently in three weekends!


From bizarre Beach Boy bonding at the info eve, to laughing over quirky but effective exercises, to celebratory beers at Jakob's after an exhilarating day achieving things I never dreamed possible for this uncoordinated Australian, I've learned to be excited every time the snow falls, have made lifelong friends and even skied a half-pipe! Cannot recommend Parallel Skiing enough!


Jessica, Australia


I was nervous learning to ski, but after just short time into the course those nerves disapeared and I just had fun. I'm really glad I did the course and now keep up with my friends who have skiied for years.


Babette, Germany

Parallel skiing is not great, it's awesome.


Rafael, Brazil



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