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Parallel Skiing Instructors showing off their short skis

Instructors with Short Skis
Ken Lawler showing first day short ski equipment room

Ken Lawler showing a first day ski in the equipment room.

About Parallel Skiing


Parallel Skiing is a registered Sports Club in Germany and itself a member of the Bavarian State Sports Association,

Bayersiche Landes Sport Verband BLSV.


As it has turned out we are made up mostly of expats living and working in Munich mostly from Asia and Eastern Europe. Our language of communication is English. We promote recreational winter sports among our expats and we concentrate mostly on alpine skiing but have occasional sledging, ice skating and cross-country skiing and we have Kinderskikurs München for kindergarten age kids in which we make daytrips from München to nearby Lenggries.

The founder and leader of Parallel Skiing is Ken Lawler. Our ski teachers also come from all over the world representing 12 nations. They have all had special training at teaching beginner skiers.

About Ken Lawler


Ken Lawler BA Mathematics Howard Payne, MSc. Statistics Texas Tech


Ken Lawler tells his own story:

While hitchhiking in Germany I was set out close to the North-Bavarian village of Bischofsgrün. There I noticed skiers on a ski slope close to the main road. I had always wanted to learn to ski so I walked into the village to inquire about a ski school. This event changed my life. Martin Puchtler, the ski school director of the Skischule Nordbayern, explained the benefits of his Ansteigende Skilängen (in English: graduated length method) to me. Short skis and direct parallel. What a brilliant idea, but I was soon back in Texas with no thoughts of skiing.


After a couple of weekend attempts at skiing and several years later I returned to Bischofsgrün for a proper ski course. Martin Puchler's Ansteigenden Skilängen made learning to ski so easy that within a week I could ski the whole mountain with parallel turns. I was hooked. When I was taking an advanced ski course the next season, Martin Puchtler suggested that I try my hand at ski teaching. I began training at the Skischule Nordbayern as a ski instructor. Since then, I have personally taught over 1500 adult first-time skiers to ski parallel turns in medium terrain.


I taught Graduated Length Method (GLM) at Aspen Highlands and attempted (but failed) to introduce the short ski method to New Zealand. I have remained and will remain an instructor for beginner skiers.


About Our Partners


Mike's Bike Tours runs local tours on participants own bikes or rented bikes in and around Munich. Now they have winter tours too; Xmas markets and the like. Some of their guides join Parallel Skiing during their offseason and even help prepare our skis for our ski courses.


Munich International Ski Club (MISC) is a local ski club running ski trips to nearby resorts. They don't offer ski courses so they send their firstimer skiers to us to learn. We send our finished skiers to them for fun trips to the mountains. We join them at Dave Dowdy's Bavarian-American Friendship Day at the Munich Frühlingsfest each year.