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Parallel Skiing Munich Privacy Policy


We are concerned about your privacy. The nature of our activites, however, prevent you from taking part and still remaining anonymous. When you sign on to our distribution list, you need only give us your email address and before you come on a weekend ski course Parallel Skiing is the only one who knows your email address. You can opt out of our distribution list at anytime with an email to

If you never come to a weekend ski course and never come to an InfoEve you will remain on our distribution list for about 4 years if you don't opt out of the list. After about 4 years and you still haven't taken a ski course, I will ask you if you want to remain on the list. If you don't reply, I will remove you from the list.

When you sign up to come to an InfoEve, we will meet up at an Ubahn station so it will be necessary to divulge your name and mobile telephone number to help solve meeting up problems. At that time we also collect enough information about you to later make you a member of Parallel Skiing e. V., to set your bindings and to assign you to the right group. The ski technicians and ski instructors will have access to that information. Once you start coming on weekend ski courses, you become a member of Parallel Skiing and become trusted friends with the other ski course takers who will then know your email address and what ski courses you attend with Parallel Skiing.

If you come on a weekend ski course, you will stay on the distribution list afterwards until you opt out or until an email to you bounces. We depend on you, our course takers, to give us marketing support by telling your friends and colleagues about our ski courses. I will remind you to do this with several emails each autumn. I will also announce advanced weekends for you to attend in winter. Please open all our emails and leave them open a while, even if you are not interested them at the time. Your email provider notices that you do this and then is less likely to filter Parallel Skiing emails into the spamfolder. And please mark any Parallel Skiing emails you find in your spamfolder as not spam.

If you are on our distribution list, you will also receive a couple of emails in the summer announcing Parallel Skiing Munich beer garden meetups. I encourage you to bring along prospective course takers to the beer garden meetups.

We will not divulge your information to third parties. We forbid you and any other recipients of our emails to use the email addresses on those emails for mass mailings other than for Parallel Skiing purposes. Sending Photos around and planning ski trips and meetups are considered for Parallel Skiing purposes and that's grand. For just chatting you should not use answer all to the weekend emails. If you want to collect names for other events please do this in person at the ski weekends. uses Google Analytics web-traffic measurement software to track visits and page hits; this means the site will add a cookie to your browser and some information is sent to Google. Google’s policy about how that information is used is detailed in section 8.1 of the Google Analytics Terms of Service ( ).

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Please keep all communication on email. Messages to social media like facebook will be ignored and I will forget whatever you tell me verbally. So please confirm it by email.

You may contact Parallel Skiing regarding privacy matters through our Contact page.

or at

Parallel Skiing e.V.

Ken Lawler

Rosenheimer Landstr.23

D-85521 Ottobrunn