Adult Course

Learn to ski the easy way

With the short ski method

Adult Beginner Ski Course




This is not just any ski course. We use the short ski method. We start with supershort skis (just a tad longer than the boot) and parallel turn. (With short skis you needn't learn the snowplough.) Everyone can learn to ski because we start with such short skis and we learn by goofing off and playing silly games. We go away for the whole weekend, leave FriEve, return SunEve. It will be the most fun you've had since you were a kid.


You might think it easier just to show up at a ski resort and just go for a ski lesson, but it’s not. You would arrive late morning, queue up to fit boots, queue up to get skis and queue up to sign up for ski class. Sometimes it's afternoon before you finally start your lesson. If you go with us, you have a later sleep, take your already fitted ski boots for a short ride to the slope, and start with your ski instructor, whom you know from the evening before. You have your skis on by 9:30.


Parallel Skiing provides ski equipment, organises ski passes, transport with car sharing and lodging at a cozy farmhouse with pub in Tirol. All in. You need only come to an InfoEve beforehand where you’ll be fitted with boots and then signup for the ski weekends you want to attend. We meet Friday evenings at the Ubahn Station to leave for the weekends.


Adult beginner ski lessons are the 1st six weekends of the new year. (A normal course is three weekends. You choose how many and which weekends from those six you attend.)



• 4 Jan - 6 Jan

• 11 Jan - 13 Jan

• 18 Jan - 20 Jan

• 25 Jan - 27 Jan

• 1 Feb - 3 Feb

• 8 Feb - 10 Feb




We discuss the ski course costs in detail at the InfoEve. The InfoEve itself is free and non-binding. Suffice it to say that Parallel Skiing is cheaper than the Munich ski schools. You might think it would be cheaper to not sleep over, but we get lots of added value by using our lodging's groundfloor pub in the evenings for part of your ski course. And although you spend on lodging, you save on petrol that you would need if you made two day trips. Not to mention the extra time we would spend stuck on the motorway.


But the big advantage in the cost of our beginner ski course is that using the short ski method you will learn gobs faster so you dont need as many ski lessons before you can ski the whole resort on your own and with parallel turns. And Parallel Skiing is the only one around that uses the short ski method with direct parallel.




If you're interested please contact Parallel Skiing Munich to get on our mailing list.





Before the course starts, you must come to Ken’s flat in Ottobrunn (Munich) for an InfoEve to

  • discuss the ski course and its costs in detail
  • do some easy indoor ski exercises
  • fit and reserve skiboots.


The InfoEve is free, non-binding and you need not put any money up front for the ski course. Even if you are skeptical, you should come along to an InfoEve and see for yourselves how easy and fun learning to ski can be when you use the short ski method. The InfoEve lasts about 2.5 hours. The earlier your InfoEve, the wider selection of boots you have. Last season all InfoEves were fully booked by the last week of November so don't delay.


To find out when the next open InfoEves are and get on our mailing list: contact Parallel Skiing.


Once you have confirmed adding to your contacts list, I'll send you an InfoEve announcement and put you on the mailing list. You will get very specific meet up instructions before your InfoEve.




One of the big advantages we have over other learn-to-ski programms is that we fit boots in advance of the ski course at the InfoEve,. The boots you choose at bootfitting are then reserved for you for the entire season. This means you don’t get up early to queue up for boots Saturday morning and then under pressure that the lifts are already running you take any boot they give you even if it already hurts in the shop.

We measure your feet especially for ski boots taking into account the width of your ankle and heel. This helps us give you a good first try boot and guides us at custom fitting the inner bootliner to your foot. You should bring the socks you plan to ski with to the InfoEve. Lidl and Aldi often have skisocks on special in the autumn (get your ski socks a couple of sizes too small so they don't sag, crease and hurt your feet).


If you already have skiboots, that's grand too; you need to bring them with you to the InfoEve. We find an equivalent on our rack that has the same outer length so we can use it to set your bindings each week.


Happy Skiiers on top of the world
Learn Direct Parallel Turn before the ski course

Learning parallel turn even before the ski course at the InfoEve

Learn to Fall and Stand Up in the Livng Room

Learning to fall and stand up on a mattress

Measuring Foot To Fit Ski Boot

Boot Fitting During an Info Eve

Info Eves