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  If you want to be put on our email distribution list, or order a ski instructor manual, you can leave Parallel Skiing a message on the contact form here at the left of this page or you can send an email to


Whichever you use, please include these two things in the text of your message:

1. Confirmation that you have added to your online contacts list at your email provider.

2. the name of the person, who told you about our ski course. If you didn't hear about the ski course from a person, please include the searchstring that you googled to find us.

If you don't add to your online contacts list, our email messages back to you may land in your spamfolder and we will have lost contact even before we start. So until you confirm that you added to your contacts list, we will continue to send you requests to do just that and you cannot signup for an InfoEve or ski course until you do.


We're also on Facebook and we love new followers. But for all communication regarding the ski course, or InfoEves please use email or the contact form